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Jul 7, 2015
Tryon International Equestrian Center Announces Four New August Hunter & Jumper Weeks
Tryon, NC
horse shows
Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) announces the addition of four consecutive weeks of competition spanning through the month of August in the newly added August Series. The August Series will commence on Wednesday, August 6, continuing through through August 30, hosting one FEI CSI 3* competition during the first week of the series (August 6-9) and three National Competitions.

August 1 - (6th-9th) - FEI CSI 3* $127,000 Grand Prix/Regional Hunters
August 2 - (13th-16th) - USEF Level 3 $25,000 Grand Prix/Regional Hunters
August 3 - (20th-23th) - USEF Level 3 $25,000 Grand Prix/Regional Hunters
August 4 - (27th-30th) - USEF Level 5 $50,000 Grand Prix/Regional Hunters More info...

Jul 6, 2015
Finding the Time to Ride Horses
horse shows

Life gets crazy, you work, you have kids, you have a home to care for, errands to run, food to cook, chores to do... the list is never ending. Pretty soon you realize that you just don't have the time to ride. The fun is gone, it's just work

That's what I'm told anyway. I have friends who have sold their horses, gotten out of it completely. It was always hard for me to understand. I would try to sympathize, accept, but I never truly did, beyond thinking that they just must not truly love the sport, the lifestyle.
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Jun 25, 2015
How To Train A Trail Horsehorse shows
Do you have a method for training your trail horse? Do you just get on and ride? Do you spend specific "lessons" with your horse working on particular things? I admit that the majority of my younger years I never thought much about training for trails, because I spent work time with my horses training for whatever arena discipline they were competing in. We did a lot of trail riding, but just headed out the gate and down the trail.

Read more: http://www.horsecity.com/blogs/on-the-trail-with-stephanie/17083-how-to-train-a-trail-horse#ixzz3e75bje2t More info...

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